Being a Fan

images-3Where I live in Central Pennsylvania, fans are equally divided among the professional football teams, either they root for the Philadelphia Eagles, the Pittsburgh Steelers or the Baltimore Ravens. But when it comes to college football, Penn State is clearly at the top of the heap. However even though they say they are devoted Penn State fans, lots of people don’t come to the games. When asked, they gave the following top ten reasons why they don’t:

  1. It isn’t very comfortable; hard seats, cold drafts and poor lighting.
  2. People there are not very friendly when you come in.
  3. It seems all they want is your money.
  4. They make poor calls in some situations.
  5. Sometimes they go overtime and then I am late getting home.
  6. There are no good programs for the kids.
  7. They are so caught up in tradition; they’ve done the same songs for years.
  8. I’ve read a lot about it in books, so I don’t need to be there in person.
  9. Some of the people are not truly into it and come for the wrong motivation.
  10. Its so boring, they do the same thing over and over.

Oh, I am sorry. That list isn’t for Penn State games, it’s the top ten complaints I’ve heard why people don’t go to church!!!

Interesting, isn’t it? If someone said these things about going to a football game, we would think they are a bit crazy and would say, “Are you kidding? What did you expect?” But when someone says it about church we say, “Oh, I understand.”

images-4Maybe it’s putting it too bluntly, but aren’t we to be Jesus fans. Aren’t we to be highly committed to the Lord and his people? Aren’t we to be passionate about the faith? Isn’t that the definition of a fan – committed and passionate?

Didn’t Jesus even say in Mark 8:34 “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me.” Are we willing to do that?

So if someone cites one of the above reasons why they don’t go to church, perhaps we should question whether they really are “Jesus fans.”

(Adapted from an article called “Excuses” by Chuck Swindoll from his devotional Today’s Insight on


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